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We all know the cost of cable and satellite today.  125 channels for $80/month or 200 for $100/month- and 1/3rd of them are music or channels you will never watch.  Maybe half of them.  That is frustrating to know that your money is going to channels you don't even want.  But there is IPTV, Internet Protocol Television, and it will change the way you watch TV.  Imagine for less than $28 per month for 1 box,2 boxes 46, 64 3 boxes, you can get 500+ channels in HD picture quality.  

Want the MLB baseball package for all teams/all games?  Done = saving $120.00 yr

Want the NFL Sunday Ticket?  All teams all games.  Done  = saving $400.00 yr

How about the NBA and the NHL packages?  Yep!  Saving $200.00 and $250.00 yr

Like pay per view sports and events?  Yes, it has that too.  All included in the monthly subscription.

It even has the movie channels that you have to pay upper-tier pricing on cable for.

All you need is a good internet connection and a box to run the service on.  You just plug the box in and grab a chair and a cold drink, because it is time to watch some TV.